The acquisition of a second residence implies important decisions and is a matter of trust and confidence, contact with a well established Estate Agent with a long experience and solid reputation is essential.


Viewing properties in Villars

It is possible to visit Villars in a day and there are cheap frequent flights to Geneva Airport. Easyjet provides daily flights (and cheap car hire) from Luton, Liverpool, Stanstead and Gatwick. Swiss Airlines flying daily from Heathrow are becoming more and more competitive and offer an on-line booking service similar to Easyjet and have low cost fares but with a Saturday overnight.


There is a very regular train service from Geneva Airport to Aigle (15mins by taxi from Villars and 30mins by bus) and we are more than happy to pick clients up from the train station. Alternatively you can alight at Bex also on the mainline and take the mountain railway to the centre of Villars.



There is a wide choice of hotels and pensions in Villars to suit all tastes and budgets. We would be pleased to recommend an establishment that suits your requirements and help with the arrangements. 'Where to stay in Villars'



We can generally accept appointments seven days a week with 24hrs notice, but a few days in advance is always appreciated.


Conditions of sale to non-residents

The sale of real estate to individuals domiciled outside Switzerland is subject to a Swiss law, known as the « Lex Friedrich », which has undergone many modifications over the years and controls sales with an annual quota of permits (currently 1,441) for the whole of Switzerland.


Purchase conditions

Freehold Real Estate can only be purchased in the name of an individual(s), not by a foreign company, trust, or any other type of legal body. Those benefiting from a resident ‘B’ or ‘C’ permit are considered as Swiss citizens and may buy without restriction any piece of land or property, commercial or residential. Non-Swiss residents may only buy one property per family, in Switzerland a family is legally defined as a husband and wife and under-age children. After the age of 20 a son or daughter may purchase a property in his/her own name. A property may also be acquired in several names. Swiss inheritance law will apply to a property in Switzerland and it is advisable to file a will for the property with the Swiss Notary.


              Villars in the Canton de Vaud

Of all the Cantons authorised to release property to foreigners, Vaud is the most relaxed. The foreign buyer may acquire an apartment or individual property with a living area up to about 200 m2. The purchase of an individual chalet is allowed or a plot of land to build on if it does not exceed about 1,500 m2. However, the Notary can obtain special permits for large families and those who are accustomed to living in big properties. A property may be rented out for a maximum of eleven months and one week of the year. Annual rentals are not allowed. There is no restriction on reselling a property, in other Cantons it is prohibited to sell within five years. The permits from the Swiss authorities for buying a property are received within about six to eight weeks.


Purchase procedure and costs

A Public Notary will act for both the vendor and the purchaser. The purchase fees for the Canton de Vaud are 5% of the purchase price for a finished chalet or apartment. When a piece of land is purchased to build a chalet, the purchase fees are payable only on the land.



Local Swiss banks will lend up to 60% of the purchase price over 25 to 50 years using only the property as a guarantee. There are several types of loan and mortgage available and only a discussion with the bank manager will define which is best for you. Interest rates are currently about 2.5 %. Please consult for further information.


Running costs & taxes

              The annual running costs of an apartment in a residential chalet are between 1.9 % and 2,2 % of the market value of the property. These expenses include: caretaker, maintenance of building, water, electricity and heating, various insurances and Swiss taxes - gardening and road maintenance (inc. snow clearance), administration fees and an allocation to the building’s sinking fund. These are payable quarterly or half-yearly. The running costs for a chalet are not dissimilar to those of an apartment and in some cases a small three bed chalet with a flat plot can work out cheaper than an apartment in a chalet (see Chalet Alpin).


              Rental and rental income

              Rental Income is not taxable in Switzerland and can be sufficient to cover the annual running costs and taxes. Local specialist rental agencies in Villars will charge between 5% and 20% for providing a rental service. Properties may be rented out on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis depending on individual requirements. There is always a shortage of property to rent during the winter season.


After sales service

We pride ourselves on the good relations we maintain with all of our clients and in many cases they have become our friends. We can also offer help in purchasing furnishings, in finding a removal company, buying a car and interior decoration, etc. Our sister company provides a  complete property management and maintenance service.


Please contact David de Lara on +41 79 623 46 32 or +44 20 8742 0708 or send an email to to arrange a visit to Villars and for any further personal advice with regard to purchasing a property, travel and accommodation.


This document is for information only and does not form part of a contract